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MCI-Air Anti-vibration Optical Table

  MCI Air Anti Vibration Optical Tables


Anti Vibration Optical Tables: Vibration isolation – of increasing importance

When setting up a stable experimental setup, the potential vibrations from the environment is becoming a more important consideration with increasing traffic levels and laboratory space increasingly turning into multi-user facilities, hence increasing movement around your setup.

Input signals from heavy traffic or construction travel through the ground to the building. The foundations of the building and the ground surrounding them, act as a series of springs and dampers, mitigating transmission of vibration at some frequencies, and increasing it at others. The frequencies of vibration transmitted in this way tend to be most important between 5Hz and 300Hz.

This presents a particular problem, as panel resonances for walls and slab flooring tend to be around 10-30Hz for vertical vibration, and 5-10Hz for horizontal vibration, so these panel resonances can be easily excited. For the majority of situations, you therefore need to isolate your experiment from vibrations between 5Hz and 30Hz.


MCI Air – The Latest Technology in Pneumatic Damping 

MCI’s anti vibration control optical tables for electrophysiology and imaging applications feature the latest patented damping mechanism, dubbed the bulb self-centering pendulum-bar technique, which guarantees experiments operating in a relative stationary state. The ultra-thin pneumatic chambers ensure optimal responsiveness of the damping mechanism to the environment.
This table offers excellent damping at frequencies of 2Hz and higher, with 90% horizontal isolation at 5Hz and 94% damping vertically. At 10Hz, we offer 95% isolation horizontally and 98% vertically.

Our optical tables or breadboards are precision-drilled and tapped, with a high-density honeycomb structure layout for damping and sealed cups underneath each hole for easy cleaning.

We offer the ideal solution for the vast majority of environments and experimental requirements. Request information now if you want to know more about anti vibration optical breadboard or optical tables.


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