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Neuroscience Tech Update


Research Summary – Overeating and Alcohol Consumption

Very interesting Nature Communications article by our soon-to-be colleague, Craig Blomeley, and his collaborators, linking alcohol consumption with overeating in humans. Great timing on this topic for the festive season too! But a bit more about the research done for this publication: The mechanisms are unclear, and have been proposed to involve intoxication-induced disregard


New technology: Efficient real time brain spike detection

A team of researchers headed by those at the University of Southampton have recently demonstrated a new way to encode and compress neuronal spiking activity in real time. Besides its implications of finding efficient links between biology and electronics, the Southampton team hopes that this research will lead to a new type of autonomous


News Feed: Ultrasonic Neuromodulation

A recently published review “Ultrasonic Neuromodulation” in the Journal of Neural Engineering, discusses the history of the physics, engineering and research of ultrasonic waves and its effects on neural activity. The use of ultrasonic waves for neuromodulation is a lesser known and applied technique, although research on this topic dates back to 1929. This


White Paper: Patterned Illumination Systems for Optogenetics

Annik Yalnizyan-Carson1, Blake Richards1, and Dominic Krakowski 1 University of Toronto at Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail Scarborough, Ontario; 2 Mightex Systems 109 Railside Road, Toronto, Ontario. This white paper was published on the the Mightex website The brain is composed of billions of neurons – each having on average 7000 connection partners [1], signaling

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